Yoga for All: Don’t be intimidated

“If you can breathe who can do yoga.” ~Krishnamacharya

"You can do yoga Daddy! Everyone can do yoga!" ~J girl

“You can do yoga Daddy! Everyone can do yoga!” ~J girl

I know that  some people are intimidated by yoga.  Sometimes I am too.  There are times when I step into a class (as both a teacher and a student) and I can feel all the signs of pure unfettered fright: queasy stomach, tight chest, weak knees and all.  I am talking about the scary yoga class where students are doing the most difficult and complicated poses to warm up.  Sometimes you step into class ready to just lay down and  to your right a well built yogi is doing headstand while to your right a supple yogini is doing the splits.   When I step into “that” class I have two distinct reactions.  As a student I wonder if I am in the right place.  As a teacher, I wonder if I will be able to meet my students’ needs.

Well what’s a girl to do?  When I am in class as a student, I stay on my mat and honor my body.  When I am the teacher I trust my training.  It usually turns out fine.  You will be fine too.

Don’t let your fear of yoga stop you from trying a yoga class.  If you don’t like the first class you attend, you should try a different teacher or a different yoga studio.  There are many different types and styles of yoga out there. You are sure to find one that you like. 

Whatever your fear is, don’t let it stop you from trying yoga.  You are not too big.  You are not too weak.  You are not too uncoordinated.  You do not need to be flexible.  You do not need to be enlightened.  You do not need fancy clothes or equipment.  Come as you are.  Try yoga today.

What intimidates you about yoga?

What is the most important thing you have learned from doing yoga?

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