What you missed this week – April turns into May

I have decided to start a little series called What You Missed where I share some highlights from my social media. I hope you enjoy it.

First I bring you two replay videos from YouTube. The first is a replay of my Monday Instagram live class. It is a full body warm up designed to relieve tension in the hips and shoulders.

The second is an edited replay of the kids yoga live.

You can participate in these live classes on their various platforms or catch the replay on YouTube. Monday’s class is at 9:30am and Tuesday’s is at 4pm.

Over on Instagram and Facebook there was a lot more happening. I have been sowing the seeds of revolution that I feel stirring deep in my soul. I began the week by sharing my thoughts on the future of my business.

Then I took it up a notch with the inspiration from Bob Marley.

I welcomed May with a call to preactice forgivness

And called for liberation from the capitalist colonial patriachy.

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All my life I have let people get away with harming me. I just kept going. I now realize that their actions were rooted in colonialism and patriarchy and my response and the pain I felt was part of generational trauma handed down from my ancestors. For so long the female body, particularly the black female body has been defined as hypersexual and shameful at the same time. Today if you dare define your body by something other and sex you are ridiculed and shamed. It’s okay that I didn’t start standing up for my body earlier. It’s okay that I let other people define how I should be in public spaces. It’s okay because today I say no more. Today I reclaim my body in all its glorious power. I am not my body. I love and appreciate it for all that it does. How I present my body is not about you. It’s about me being grateful for this temporary vehicle that allows me to experience this reality. One day I will part ways with this body. Until then I will stand up for my right to exist. My right to be beautiful and strong. My right to express that beauty. What are you forgiving yourself for today.

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