Versatile Blogger Award

VersatileBloggerI am pleased to accept The Versatile Blogger Award from Megan of Whole Food Runner.  I am so humbled that my little blog, only a few months old caught her attention.  Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Display the award certificate on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you
  3. Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers
  4. Inform your nominees that you have nominated them
  5. Write 7 random facts about yourself

My Nominees:

  1. Poppy’s Patisserie
  2. This Is Just What My Face Looks like
  3. This is Thirty
  4. Lizzie Fit
  5. Spontaneous Tomato
  6. VegCharlotte
  7. Chef in disguise
  8. fried dandelions
  9. Veg Bon Vivant
  10. uberdish
  11. Tickling Palates
  12. Roshni’s Kitchen
  13. Swim, baby, swim
  14. Playing Your Hand Right
  15. Adventures of Z and K

7 Random Facts

  1. I was in the military
  2. I love mangoes
  3. I love Indian food
  4. And Thai food
  5. I can crochet
  6. And knit and sew
  7. I would love to run the NY marathon one day.