The truth about fibromyalgia



The truth is fibromylgia suck, BIG TIME!  It didn’t suck so much before I got chikungunya.  I had bad days but I could manage. My long run was 7-8 miles and I could manage 3 or 4 runs per week.  Ever since I got chikungunya my health has continued to deteriorate.  I just can’t keep up with my demanding schedule anymore.  Oh yea I also got asthma and my body struggles to absorb nutrients.  The worst part is that for the past few months nothing has worked; even my faithful yoga.  I could always trust that I would feel some relief after yoga but for several months every pose made my pain increase.  And on top of everything else I just wasn’t my normal self.  I couldn’t find my joy, my hope, my praise.  It was all gone.

So it was off to the doctor for tests and more tests to figure it all.  I spent every cent I made.  I changed my brand of vitamins.  I added more supplements and finally we changed my fibromyalgia medication. Then the fun started.  I am the queen of side effects and those are not fun on top of constant pain and debilitating brain fog.  Luckily they’re the kind of side effects that diminish as your body adjusts to the meds so I’m starting to feel them less and less.

Now after months of being unable to look at any screens and being unable to translate my thoughts into words I’m starting to feel alive again.  I joke that I’ve moved from death’s waiting room into life’s waiting room.  I would like to thing that only good things are coming but that’s not how fibromyalgia works.  I have good days and bad days.  I am learning to identify my triggers early and to better explain what is going on with me.  I have a long road ahead but I am confident that I will find a way to manage my illness, share yoga and make a living.  Stay tuned.  I’m working on a few projects that are almost ready for release.  I can’t wait to share them with you. Fibromyalgia can’t keep me down.

What are you struggling with today?

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*200hr certified yoga teacher *owns and operates Sayana Yoga in St Lucia. *2015 St Lucia Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award


  1. Good to see you back up and at em girl. Go get em.

    1. Thanks!!!!!

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