The ice cream: Part II

What happened when I decided I wanted ice cream for breakfast?  I decided to make coconut banana ice cream of course.  I get the blender going while my mom is eating a papaya.  Yes she eats the entire thing.  No I do not help her because papaya smells gross to me.  My mom decides she wants papaya ice cream but cannot wait to freeze the papaya.  So I add room temperature papaya and it becomes more like a milkshake.  She absolutely enjoyed it.  Here are some pics to prove it.  IMG-20131216-00408 IMG-20131216-00407 IMG-20131216-00406

Update- After typing this post I went into the kitchen and lo and behold my mom had frozen all the ingredients for making ice cream as well as half a cup of papaya.  It was her not so subtle way of letting me know that she wanted papaya ice cream.  I made plain for myself and papaya for her.  The papaya was so rich and creamy that I actually tasted it.  It was super yummy.  Here’s what it looked like.


The final products!

Into the blender it goes
Into the blender it goes


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