The Adventures of J girl and J boy: Non Judgement.

IMG-20140201-00928I am introducing a new series called the adventures of J girl and J boy.  I feel very blessed to have them in my life.  I am forever grateful that their parents allow me to be the doting aunt.  I am even more grateful for the lessons that they teach me.  In many ways, there are smarter than many adults I know.  And that’s not just because of their affinity for operating electronics. 

In today’s edition J girl gives us a lesson in non judgement.  When I worked in NYC I used to attend Mistress Wanda’s Karaoke; hosted by Mistress Wanda.  Mistress Wanda is a real life dominatrix.  Sometimes she would come to karaoke dressed in full dominatrix garb, whip and all.  She was boisterous and loud and apologetic.   Then one day she announced her final show.  Alas in her other life she taught college and took a job at on of the Florida colleges. 

To help raise funds for Mistress Wanda’s long drive some of her fans sold commemorative t-shirts with a cartoon representation of her.  The shirt read Mistress Wanda Karaoke Survivor.  Of course I had to buy one. 


I love my shirt it’s soft and the fit is perfect.  The length is just right.  I worry that it might be too raunchy for wearing out in public.  I worry it might send the wrong message; walking around with a dominatrix on my chest.  This was all shattered one morning by J girl.

I slept over at the house as I often do.  I woke up wearing my Mistress Wanda T shirt.  J girl points at me and says “I like the princess on your shirt.”  Take that Disney.  Mistress Wanda is very accurately depicted, her proudly Puerto Rican features dressed in fetish wear.  The only thing is I don’t recall her having a pink outfit.  The shorts are short, the bustier is tight, the boots are high and she has a curly fro.  She is not what you think of when you think princess but to a two year old this is what a princess looks like: A lady wearing pink.

I am so happy that J girl challenged my preconceived notions.  In that moment she showed my that people can be anything they like.  They don’t need to be placed in a box based on society’s expectations of what they should be.  She also taught me that we really need to stop judging others and their value to society based solely on what they look like or what we think they should look like.  I wish that we could all be like J girl and shatter the notion that we should judge others based on how we look.  Let’s start today.  Non Judgement for all.

What have you learned from a child recently?

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