The 2018 Brag List: Help a sister out

2018 has been the hardest year of my life but I’m still here.  It’s time again to reflect and make a list of the positive things that happened.  This year I will also reframe negative things that happened to look on the positive side.

2018 Brag list

It’s about to get real! Strap yourself into the wild ride of my year in review. Let’s start with reframing the negatives.

  • I no longer work at resorts and lost most of my income. =>> I have more time to build my online presence and figure out how I want to build my business.
  • I have to limit my time on buses and cannot work outside the home as much so I have to restructure my business model.  I am learning new skills.
  • I have no money.  My family especially my mom are amazing and never complain about helping me.
  • My new medication is expensive.  My medication works and I get some of the money I spend back from my insurance.
  • I’m still living with my mom.  My mom loves me unconditionally.

So now let’s talk about the awesome stuff that happened this year.  

  • My body learned how to absorb nutrients again.
  • We finally figure out how to manage my new symptoms and I don’t have to see my rheumatologist anymore.
  • I wrote a book, published it and promoted the crap out of it (buy my book)!
  • I wrote another book and I’m currently editing it. (more details coming soon)
  • I feel at peace and happy.
  • To top it off, last week I won a prize in a giveaway.  (Details coming soon)
  • I made significant steps towards launching my yoga in schools initiative.
  • Most importantly I survived.  There were many times in the past couple year that I didn’t think I would make it; especially when the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong or how to treat it.  There was literally no light at the end of the tunnel.  There were weeks I didn’t make it out of bed.  Every movement ached.  I made it through all of this stronger and more determined to succeed.
2018 Year in Review

I know that many of you appreciate this space and want to keep it going but I’m not sure that I can.  I haven’t worked in at about 6 weeks.  I hate relying on my mom for everything and debts are piling up.  I am trying to sell my mattress (the one from my apartment) and when I do it will make a big difference.  I will be able to do the blood tests to make sure I’m still absorbing nutrients.  In the meantime if you can help me I would appreciate it.  I can’t do something easy like a Facebook fundraiser, Go Fund me or even a Paypal donate button because of where I live.  Instead I have created the button below.  You can donate $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100.  Everyone who donates can have a 15-30 minute Skype yoga session.  Those who donate above $50 will be able to add a Yoga with Mo tank to their gift.  


Here’s what this money will go towards (listed in order of priority;all prices in US dollars):
Webhosting for the next 3 years $142.20 (My current plan expires on Jan 8)
Publishing fees for Yoga with Aunty Mo ($200)
Medical Expenses ($200)
Photographer fees and editing of next book

Helping Hands

Also you can buy something off my Amazon wishlist for vitamins.  I feel so much better when I take these.  I try to always have the probiotic, multivitamin, blood builder and vitamin d.  I sleep so much better when I take the potassium blend in the evening. The evening primrose oil helps with my pms.  All the others help me have more energy and reduce stiffness but I consider them a splurge.

(These comments above are not meant as medical advice but simply my own experience.)

If you would like to support me by sending me some supplements it would help so much.  Even when my doctor prescribes them and I have test results showing a deficiency my insurance still does not cover it.  If you’re new to Amazon lists I made a little video to show you how it works.

Thanks for all your support.  If you’re broke like me you can still support me by sharing my posts on social media, sharing a positive comment or just sending me positive energy.  I believe that together we can make 2019 great.

What were the challenges you faced in 2018? What were your successes?

P.S The next blog post will be Jan 15.  I will be taking a break to get a few projects completed etc.  Until then you can follow me on social media.

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