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Mindful Moga Mondays

Mindful Moga Mondays #1

Mindfulness is one of those words that you hear everywhere nowadays.  What is mindfulness and why should you practice it? Mindfulness can be described as engaging in activity designed to help you attain calmness and peace. These can include yoga, tai chi and meditation.  Mindfulness requires you to slow down and focus on the present.  …

Fit and Healthy Giveaway

From January 14th to the 27th I will be participating in the Fit and Healthy Giveaway.  I will be giving a lovely yoga bundle valued at $200 too everyone who enters.  It is an excellent opportunity to get lots of freebies from fitness gurus to help you live your best life.  Follow the link at …

Pose of the Week: Revolved Triangle Pose

I have decided to start a new weekly post on Wednesdays called pose of the week.  It will simply be a picture of the pose and maybe my thoughts and feelings about the pose.  Feel free to ask any questions about this pose or just give your thoughts on this pose. 

This week’s pose is revolved triangle. I love this poses because it stretches all the right places.

revolved triangle

Do you think pose of the week is a good idea?

How do you feel about revolved triangle pose?

Do you have any questions about this pose?


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