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Let Celebrate: Virtual Book Launch Party

This Friday I will host a virtual book launch live on my YouTube channel and I would love you to join me. During the launch party I will share my experience writing the book. You will get to meet the artist who designed the cover and the photographer. There will be giveaways and discounts to buy the book at a reduced price.

Virtual Book Tour December 12-22

Interview with a 9 year old – Virtual Book tour

I would like you to meet Fay.  She is one of the kids in the book.  She shares her thoughts on yoga and the book in an interview on my YouTube channel. Head over to to find out more about the book tour and enter the giveaway to win. Remember you can come back …

Virtual Book Tour December 12-22

Virtual Book Tour

I would love to go on a book tour across the world meeting children everywhere and signing books.  Alas this is not possible so instead we will have a virtual book tour. Here’s how it will work: From December 12th to the 22nd we will explore the internet making new friends and sharing the joy …