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Running Photographer: Space

“Go to a wide-open space, Gaze without looking anywhere. The mind stops its building of thoughts, And rests on its own foundation- Immensity. The light that you see by Is the light that comes from inside.” excerpt from The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche

Video: Yoga for chronic pain

I have been missing in action because I got the chikungunya then had to play catch up with my life. I still have joint and muscle pains from the chikungunya on top of my regular fibro crazies. It is important to keep moving during illnesses.  Therefore I have put together a special gentle class for …

Running Photographer: Poetry Edition

These words came to me in a quiet moment. I hope you enjoy them. Heartsong by Monetta Wilson When at last The quiet comes, The calm, The stillness. Only then Can I hear The heartsong. I listen closely And I hear, The quiet whispers Of the heart. The heartsong. The quiet song, The hopes and …