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Running Photographer: Poetry Edition Trois


by Monetta Wilson

I used to think
that the way to keep something you loved
was to hold on and never let go.

I used to think
that if you wanted something
you went after it at all costs.

I used to think
that life was about getting and keeping,
then getting and keeping more.

I’ve since grown older,
and wiser.
I now know better.

I know
that the way to hold on to something,
is to let it go.

I know
that the way to get something
is to make space for it.

I know
that life is about love and giving
and loving and living.

I live and love
and give and let go.

I find,
I’ve gotten more
and kept more this way.

So I say,
live and love,
and give
and let go.

You just might find,
when you look
you have More.

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Running Photographer: Poetry Edition

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