5 tips for mindfulness during the holidays

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness During the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful and for some downright depressing.  we can get so caught up with the expectations of the holiday season that we get lost and forget to enjoy it.  This year I challenge you to resist the undercurrents of the season that threaten to sink you beneath expectations, consumerism and gluttony.  Here are some tips to help […]

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Mindful Eating: Maintain a Healthy Weight & Appetite – Dr. Axe

You may wonder what yoga has to do with eating.  The same mindfulness you practice on the mat can be applied to not only what you eat but also how you eat.  Read the article below by Dr. Axe to learn more about this practice. The bottom line is that when you tune in to your body’s real needs and […]

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Sanctuary Saturdays: Do You 

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley, an amazing human being and yoga teacher.  We talked a lot about yoga and life and my goals.  I realized by talking to her how isolated I was as a yoga teacher because there are so few yoga teachers on the online.  As a result it’s very difficult to find someone […]

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