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Pose of the Week: Bird of Paradise

I’ve been trying to incorporate this pose into my practice because it looks cool and has a cool name. It’s also a great way to strengthen my legs while working on my balance. Here’s a little flow showing one of my favorite ways to get into the pose: For more on bird of paradise see …

Pose of the week: Adho mukha svanasana

When I started doing yoga my  teacher would say that downward facing dog is a resting pose and I would get angry.  I would think hateful things while my shoulders and arms were on fire.  Then one it actually happened, my arms stopped burning and I could hang out in down dog all day.


If you’re struggling in down dog here are a few tips:

  1. Spread your fingers wide and press into the finger tips
  2. Pull the heels toward the mat
  3. Press the hips UP and BACK
  4. Press the chest toward the thighs
  5. Relax your shoulders

The idea is to support the bulk of your weight with your legs instead of your arms.  Downward acing dog is a great stretch for runner and cylcists.  It also strengthens and tones the entire body.

How do you feel about adho muka svanasana?