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Tiny Meditations: Setting Intentions

My new years post touched a little bit about living the life you want right now, but what if you don’t know what that is.  I’ve put together another 5 minute meditation to help you with this.  In this video I guide you through the processing of connecting to your heart and setting an intention.  …

Pose of the Week: Bird of Paradise

I’ve been trying to incorporate this pose into my practice because it looks cool and has a cool name. It’s also a great way to strengthen my legs while working on my balance. Here’s a little flow showing one of my favorite ways to get into the pose: For more on bird of paradise see …

What is Your Viewpoint?

What is Your Viewpoint?

Do you rush through life without noticing your surrounding? Take some time to enjoy the beauty around you. A few days ago my yoga class was cancelled because no one signed up. I took the opportunity to enjoy my free afternoon. I took my yoga mat to Reduit Beach and just enjoyed the view. I could see the hills of Martinique in the distance, ships sailed by, waves crashed all for my enjoyment. What beautiful thing in your surroundings do you take for granted?