Sunday Running Report: When life takes over

IMG-20140124-00804_1390566206435_nThis past week  was  very busy for me.  I was playing hostess to Jamie over at Imperfect Yoga and Coaching. I was also working on advertising the yoga workshop that we did over the weekend.  All this while teaching my regular yoga classes and dealing with tropical rain showers.

Sunday: 4 mile run, half of it in the rain under an umbrella.  I felt that if I didn’t run just then I would not run all week.  I was kinda right.

Monday: 2 mile walk to the botanical gardens then walking around the gardens.

Tuesday: 1 mile to and from yoga

Wednesday: Yoga class!!! My first yoga class in forever.  Jamie taught yay!!

Thursday: Errands.  Too busy to run.

Friday: Heavy rain shower kept me off the road.  Also I new that the yoga workshop was coming up and I did not want to be too tired.  I do not run on treadmills.

Saturday: Rest and yoga workshop.

Overall last week was okay.  I did not run as much as I would like but I kept moving and my business had an awesome week.  It am looking forward to this week.

Do you run in the rain?

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