Sunday Running Report: Slow down


The thing about chronic illness is that you can only manage it. And sometimes, despite your best efforts something will come along to derail your plans. That’s what happened last week. Sunday’s run was hard, but I pushed through and after 2 miles I found my stride. On Monday I really didn’t feel like running. I could not figure out why. I didn’t feel like pushing through it. On Tuesday I noticed that my feet and most of my body was swollen. My tummy felt congested and I was flashing back to endometriosis nightmares. On Wednesday I had 30 minutes of intense cramping and some tearful time in the bathroom. It felt like an alien or a demon was trying to crawl out of my tummy. This little episode left me very weak. On Thursday I did not demonstrate any poses while I taught. And that’s how I showed down. Even though I had a very good reason for slowing down, I still feel guilty. I’m also not sure if I can do the Divas half marathon in November. I’m just not sure it is a wise financial decision. But I really want to do it. And maybe that’s the real reason I didn’t run.

Here’s what my training looked like this week:

Sunday: 5 miles
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Sick
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 90 minutes yoga
Total weekly miles 5.

This week I plan to swim, and run by feel.

How do you decide whether to do a race?