Sunday Running Report: Race Day

I had great hopes about this race.  Until a series of things happened that led to me deciding not to do this race.  Then I woke up this morning and it was pouring.  Anyway this week was supposed to be a taper.

Sunday:  6 miles my longest distance so far.

Monday: 108 sun salutations to honor my brother’s birthday

Tuesday: Walked a lot to a business meeting and yoga.

Wednesday: Feeling sore and  tired.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Walked 2 miles.

Saturday: Rest.

This week was very challenging.  In addition to trying to figure out how to taper I also had a few things unexpected things happened that impacted my run.  This week I will have to find time to run and make sure I get enough rest and nourishment.  I am happy I didn’t do the race today.  In the end I just don’t think I had enough energy.

Have you ever decided not to run a race that you were registered for?