Sunday Running Report: Fibromyalgia and Setbacks

This was really hard for me because I was definitely feeling the effects of fibromyalgia.  I was stiff, my joints hurt and I was super tired.  I managed to get one okay run in.  Running is definitely helping because I don’t feel pain in my hips when climbing stairs.  My goal for last week was get up an move.

Sunday: I counted walking  1 mile each way to and from yoga was feeling really sluggish.

Monday: Rested up before yoga

Tuesday: 2.24 miles most of it walking. I had intense pain on my right side after 0.5 miles so I stopped running and walked.

Wednesday: Gentle stroll to get rid of stiffness.

Thursday: 2.14miles.  Interrupted by rain twice luckily I found shelter under a tree.  I didn’t have a change of clothes so I would have had to teach yoga soaking wet.

Friday: A lot of walking running errands.

Saturday: Rest

I felt that last week was a success.  Even though I could not run as much as I wanted to, my Thursday still felt  pretty good.  I’m still feeling kinda icky and tired so I will be taking it easy this week.

How do you cope when your health interrupts your work out plan?

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