Sunday Running Report: Catching up

I am back.  Well Back to the blog.  While I adjusted to my new schedule, I took a break from running.  It was a good thing too because I developed a pain in my knee.  I decided it wasn’t an overuse injury but rather a combination of doing yoga on tiled floors and sitting in cramped spaces for long bus rides. 

I’m resting, swimming and taking it easy.  I haven’t come up with an alternate training plan.  My doctor suggested glucosamine and B vitamins.  If the pain isn’t better soon I will give it a try.  Both my doctor and I think its a strain of the ligament. I have some reading up to do before I decide what to do next.  I’m still planning on doing the Diva’s Half Marathon in November.  Stay tuned for exiting episodes of Mo breaks herself running.


How do you recover from and injury?

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