Sunday Running Report: Benched


I got chikungunya and took a forced hiatus from the blog.  I’m not quite back to normal.  My body still feels like mush.  My muscles are not as strong as they used to be.  For this and other reasons I have made two important decisions about my running.

1. I deferred the San Juan divas half marathon.  I just don’t think I will be ready in time.

2. I am going to cut back my training to three days a week.  That will include swimming.  The remaining days I will do restorative yoga.

All of this leads me to the final thing I would like to share.  I am going to discontinue Sunday Running Report.  I know some of you find the report inspiring so I will try to continue updating you on my progress.  The report will most likely be reborn under a different name.  For now I am going to focus on regaining strength and running my business.

How is your training going?

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