Sunday Running Report & Balance

IMG-20140124-00804_1390566206435_nThis week I decided to join Lizzie over at Lizzie Fit in the Find Your Balance in February Challenge.  It seemed an appropriate thing to do since my running challenge had some setbacks due to my fibro flare up.  The idea is to do one healthy thing every day to help live a healthier lifestyle.  So for the month of February my Sunday Running Reports will also double as my balance challenge post.  I hope you join me in the challenge.

Sunday: Until this flare up is over my run is replaced with  walking  1 mile each way to and from yoga.  Made chocolate coconut energy bars.

Monday: Yoga nidra, no run.

Tuesday: 1.5 miles up and down my street. 

Wednesday: Pilates class.

Thursday: Packed healthy homemade snacks and didn’t buy potato chips.

Friday: Run 4 miles in under 15 minute pace.  This is a huge deal! HUGE!  Because I felt really good after.

Saturday: Rested and did my coconut detox scrub.

Overall this week went well.  Even though I was in pain until Thursday I kept moving and kept going.  I am so amazed that I did 4 miles on Friday.  I haven’t ran that far in about 3 years.  I am more amazed that it was pain free and my fastest pace since I started running again.  I hope I can repeat it this coming Friday.

Will you join me in the find your balance challenge?

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  1. Thank you for sharing my post on Yoga Nidra!

    1. you are most welcomed

  2. So happy to have you in on the challenge! I’ve been doing pretty great at balancing my cupcakes and spinach so far this month 😉 It looks like you’re off to a pretty good start yourself!

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