Sunday Running Report & Balance: learning to rest

Biggest loseerThis week I continued the Find Your Balance in February Challenge.  In addition to my running challenge [run/walk at least 2 miles everyday] I also try to do one healthy thing every day in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle. This week I needed a lot of rest.  It was very hard for me to slow down and just let go of the things I needed to do.   I only got one run in but it was a good one.

Sunday: Walked  1 mile each way to and from yoga.

Monday: Made chickpea burgers and coconut tortillas

Tuesday: Walked 1 mile 2 and from yoga 

Wednesday: Pilates class and walked  1 mile each way to and from yoga.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Run 4 miles.

Saturday: Rested and tried carrot and rice soup.

Overall this week was a learning experience.  I tried coconut yogurt for the first time.  I will be working on the recipe some more.  My mom loves it, I don’t.  My Friday run was not as fast as last week but I still felt good.  I also feel better overall having taken the time to rest.

How to you convince yourself to rest?

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