Sunday Running Report: 1 Week pre race

Pre Race? What Race you say? After yoga class at the gym on Wednesday I noticed a flyer for a run/walk at the front desk. I have done the route before. I walked the entire thing with a friend of mine. I needed to know what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that it’s longer than a 5k and has a giant hill in the beginning. After doing my research I now know that its 8.5 miles and the last time it took me 2.5hrs.

I did some soul searching and the crazy check with my bff and decided to go for it. So Sunday Mach 30th at 6am I will be beginning my 8.5 mile journey. I will try to update on twitter as I go along. The only change I’ve made to my training is that I’ve made my long runs longer. Here’s
what I did this week:
Sunday: No Run, Yoga workshop
Monday: 2.5 miles. At least one mile under 11:00 pace, unintentionally
Tuesday: Walking 1 mile to and from yoga
Wednesday: Walking 1 mile to and from yoga
Thursday: 1.8 miles on the beach
Friday: 3 miles. Started too late to do the 6 miles that I wanted to do. 1 hour of Yoga.
Saturday: Rest.

I am excited to do this race. I have swag from the electricity company that I am very excited to use. I also have another big thing coming up this week. On Monday March 24th my brother would have turned 29. To celebrate his birthday I will be attempting 108 sun salutations. The plan is to wake up at 5am and do 27 at my house. Then go to the public basketball/volleyball/netball courts, where he wanted to celebrate his birthday and do 2 more sets of 27. I haven’t decided where to do the final set. Maybe you guys can help me out with the last 27. I am hoping that I don’t collapse while doing the sun salutations. I also hope it doesn’t negatively affect my running. With all of these concerns, I feel in my heart that it will really help me heal from the loss. I will also have snacks and tea.

What is your training schedule like this week?
Will you do some sun salutations with me?

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