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Mo Wilson 1It’s been two years since I started teaching yoga and it’s been great! I have taught over 800 hours of yoga.   I have enjoyed helping people become healthier and overcome illness and injury.  I have a client who claims that I am the reason he can walk.  Another claims that I am the reason she no longer suffers from sciatica.  A few others have said that yoga helps with their back pain, arthritis and general well-being.  I have been serving these clients with just my limited basic yoga teacher training.  I feel that there is so much more that I could do if I had more knowledge and training.  That is why I  would like to become a Yoga Therapist.

“Yoga Therapy is […] refers to the adaptation and application of Yoga techniques and practices to help individuals facing health challenges at any level manage their condition.”  (source: It can be used as alternative treatment for physical, mental and emotional conditions.  Upon completion of training the Yoga Therapist is able to work closely with health practitioners to develop a holistic approach to managing health.

After careful research I have decided to enroll in he yoga Integrative Yoga Therapy’s training program.  The first stage of this training is the 300 Hr Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga Program.  This program takes place next summer at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge MA.  This training costs quite a lot of money.

Module 1: Tuition $1990 Room and Board $1179

Module 2: Tuition $1895 Room and Boars $1179

Module 3: Tuition $995

Total cost: $7238 + travel, books and incidentals

Ladies TankAlthough it is a lot of money ($19543 ECD), I am determined to make it happen.  To help with this I have started a booster campaign.  If you are unfamiliar with booster, here’s how it works.  You pick a product and design, your friends buy the products directly from booster.  Once you reach your minimum number of products, booster will print and ship the products 10 days after the end of the campaign.  They will forward you all the funds raised from the sale.  Booster also allows you to make a donation in addition to the price of the shirt.

Men's T ShirtAt the moment, I have 2 products available in my store;  Both the ladies tank and the men’s T shirt cost $20 plus $5 shipping.  The campaign ends on October 15th.  This means that you have until then to order your shirt and shirts will ship on October 25th. I would really appreciate it if you could purchase a shirt and share the campaign on social media.  Since booster only ships to the US I will be offering some shirts locally.  Look out for a post next week highlighting the shirts available locally.


THANKS in advance for your support!!!



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