Pose of the Week: Makarasana

Dolphin PoseSo you want too upside down but you’re scared, or you don’t think you’re strong enough.  Never fear! Mo is here to save the day!

Well not me, dolphin pose. You start in downward facing dog.

  • pull the heels to the ground
  • press the hips to the sky (up and back)
  • pressing into the finger tips grip the mat
  • pressing the chest toward the thigh, engage the core and come down to the forearms.

TADA!!!Downward Facing Dog

If you feel pressure in the lower back bend the knees. Try to keep the ears in line with the
biceps.  As you get comfortable you may rest the head lightly on the ground between the forearms.  If you feel too much pressure in shoulders you can practice downward facing dog and shoulder openers to prepare for dolphin.

For more on dolphin pose including tips, benefits and contraindications see this article or this one.

What is your favorite inversion?


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