Relaxing: with eye pillows

I love eye pillows. They take savasana to the next level. You can also freeze them to use a a cold compress or heat it up in the microwave to use as a heating pad I was convinced I could make my own eye pillow. I searched online and found this very easy to follow guide on yoga hound.

I made 4 eye pillows in 2 hrs. I used rice for the filling and put a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow before slipping it into the case. I used it for an afternoon nap and it was a pretty awesome nap.  I found that one cup of rice works best.  Another pillow I used one cup of rice and 1/4 cup rosemary.  That one is pretty awesome and energizing. 

J boy modelling his eye pillow.
J boy modeling his eye pillow.

I have decided to sell eye pillows at $10 EC. (sorry only available to St Lucian clients unless you want to pay more for shipping than the eye pillow). I have 3 designs available now but I have lots more cloth if you don’t mind waiting a couple days.

IMG-20140201-00912_1391442422254_n IMG-20140203-00958_1391442572682_n

Have you ever used an eye pillow before?

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  1. These are a great idea!

  2. I LOVE eye pillows. I, too, have contemplated making my own, in the past… but, honestly, I have lots of lofty ideas! Ha. Some dried lavender is also a lovely addition (with a few drops of peppermint added).

    1. Lofty ideas help us grow. I would love a lavender eye pillow. One of my friends has promised to harvest lavender for me this summer. I can’t wait!

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