Proud to be Lucian: How I got Nina Fever!

National PrideI will admit I love top chef but I don’t watch it because we don’t get bravo.  When I heard that there was a St Lucian woman on this season and she was doing well I kinda wanted to make time to watch, but I still didn’t get into it.  Now its like every St Lucian is on Team Nina and its hard to ignore.  I wanted to join in but I felt hypocritical.  After all I wasn’t supporting her from the beginning.  I felt like I was just jumping on the band wagon because she was doing well.  Plus I was never one to join the crowd.

Then I thought about myself.  I remembered being at the US Coast Guard Academy with and Red Headed Oregonian, and a Soulful Nebraskan and so many others who became proud of St Lucia by the time I graduated.  I remembered feeling that I had to do well because if I didn’t I was letting St Lucia down.  I had to represent my country.  I remembered all the people I did not know, who would hear about me and offer encouragement.  I remembered running a mile and a half for my qualifying PFE at midday in St Lucia.  The sun was beating down on me and a stiff wind was blowing off the harbor I felt completely awful.  Then strangers started cheering me on.  They thought I was trying to get into the British Army but that didn’t matter.  They said things like “keep going you will get there” and “you can do it!”

I remembered being at USF and organizing St Lucian Independence celebration.  I made bakes, saltfish, lime squash, rice and lentils, and sauteed carrots for the vegans.  It was pretty awesome.  I dressed in my madras.  My fellow Lucian and I were in the department newsletter.  Even my Trini friends were proud to be Lucian.

And then I got Nina Fever.

I realized that it doesn’t matter if I came lately.  If everyone thought like me we wouldn’t be having watch parties all over St Lucia right now.  I think the out pouring of support matters.  I think when things get tough Chef Nina will recall that support and it will give her the edge.  It’s great to have an entire country behind you.

To treat my Nina Fever I will be staying up past my bedtime, going to a watch party and wearing our national colors.  If you have Nina Fever or Nina Mania there is only one prescription:

  • Watch Top Chef tonight, preferably with a group of friends and fellow Nina Maniacs.
  • Wear the colors of St Lucia’s flag: cerulean blue, yellow, black and white.

I am dressed and ready to go.  I will be live tweeting from the party. You can follow along @StLuciaYoga. I hope you will join me.

Go Nina GO!!!!!


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