Product Review: Dove's Farm All Purpose Gluten free flour


Going gluten free is a huge adjustment, especially for someone who loves to bake like I do. It has been quite the journey to find that one flour that I can replace cup for cup in all my recipes. Some flour blends are too crumbly, some are too gooey and some just taste awful. Finally I found Dove’s Farm self rising all purpose self rising gluten free flour. This is stocked at my local grocery store. That is a huge deal because my local store has very few gluten free options. I find it very easy to use cup for cup in place of regular wheat flour.    It is a blend of rice, potato,tapioca maize and buckwheat flour combined with raising agents and xantham gum.   It tastes really good too.

IMG-20131009-02231As you can see it is white which makes for a very appealing final product. I love making cupcakes and breads with this flour. I can’t wait to share recipes with you. In the meantime pick some up from your local store or order some online and let me know what you think.

You can find out more about this flour and Dove’s Farm by visiting their website.