Pose of the week: Vrksasana


100_6379Tree pose is one of the most popular yoga poses.  It is a favorite of many.  In addition to being a balancing pose, tree pose is also energizing as a well as a hip opener.  I like playing with arm positions while in this pose.

How do you feel about Vrksasana?

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  1. I love Vrksasana, like you wouldn’t believe. It is my go-to for feeling good in a pose… it is a perfect balance between being grounded with the earth and with yourself (because you have to press your foot into your thigh if you are going to be stable and also when you keep your palms pressed together and into your chest/heart center). Arms up and open wide always makes me feel free. Palms pressed together above my head makes me feel like I’m stretched between earth and sky. Guess what pose I have to do, today? Thanks for reminding me!!!

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