Pose of the Week: Vasisthasana

Side Plank

Vas what? Side plank and it’s many variations.  It’s really great for building core strength.  It has so many variations that almost anybody can do it.

IVasisthasana: Side Plank like to have my students start in plank and lower the right knee (optionally lower the right arm to the forearm).  Then lift the left arm to the sky and open the hips to the side.  If that feels comfortable you can straighten the bottom leg.  As your core gets stronger you can start lifting the top leg and taking other variations.

It’s important that you use your core to hold you up and keep the hips from sinking.  For the story of how this pose got it’s name check out this article.  For more ways on getting into side plank check out the articles below.

As always feel free to ask any questions you may have.

How do you side plank?

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