Pose of the week: Savasana

Several months ago I prepared this article to use in some promotional material but it was not published.  Their loss is your gain.  Here you have and in depth look at savasana aka corpse pose aka final resting pose.





Basic Relaxation Pose/ Corpse Pose/ Final Resting Pose


The stresses of modern civilisation are a strain on the nerves for which Savasana is the best antidote.” B.K.S Iyengar in Light on Yoga

Savasana (pronounced shah-vah-sah-nah) may seem inconsequential and is often rushed or not taken seriously.  Some people fall asleep during this pose or use the time to go over their to do list.  This seemingly easy pose can be quite difficult to master.  When practiced effectively savasana can work wonders for the mind and body.  This pose has the potential to restore balance and calm to the body.  It helps regulate blood pressure and respiration.  It calms and soothes the nerves, helps improve digestion and boost the immune system.  At the very least doing savasana at the end of your practice helps your body integrate the effects of all the poses done during during your yoga practice by removing fatigue and calming the mind.

Savasana can be difficult to master because the mind has a tendency to wander when the body relaxes.  If you find yourself thinking of your shopping list or falling asleep there are many techniques that you can use to help you relax and quiet the mind.  You can focus on relaxing the body one body part at a time; beginning with the head and working your way down to your feet.  Another technique is to focus on your breath.  Breathing should be fine and slow.  While in savasana notice how your breath flows in and out of the body.  If your mind wanders, pause and return your attention to your breath.  Savasana is a good time to practice visualization and meditation techniques.


How do feel about savasana?

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