Pose of the week: Salamba Sirsasana


I never thought I would be able to headstand.  I mean that’s just crazy stuff. I wanted to headstand but I just couldn’t.  I was teaching headstand long before I was doing it.  Then my students started doing headstand for the first time in my class.  They kept saying that I explained it really well.  After 5 or 6 students stood on their heads for the first time, I accepted that maybe there was something to it.  I decided to make an instructional video and today I am sharing this pose with you.  This video is intended for someone with a regular yoga practice and a strong core.  I will post other videos with preparatory poses and other options for getting into headstand later.  Headstand is not appropriate for people with high blood pressure, glaucoma, eye and neck injuries.  Instead practice dolphin or legs up the wall.

How do you headstand?

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