One Week in Paradise: Best birthday ever!

I turned 30 again last year. The reasons I turned 30 again are because 1.  I had a horrible 30th birthday and 2.  I don’t look old enough to drink.  To celebrate my best friend came to visit and we had the most awesome week ever.

Day 1 SaturdayIMG-20131130-00286

She’s here! If you squint you can see the plane landing.  There was a three hour delay so we had a quiet dinner at home instead of going out like we planned.  I brought a flower on the airport because my bestie deserves flowers.  One of her fellow passengers tried to take her flower but I said no way.  Then she came out and of course I ran across the airport and we hugged and screamed.  I showed her the passenger who tried to take her flower and she said he is interested in yoga and she has his business card.

Day 2 SundayWe have just on goal.  Get to the beach. And we did make it to Sandy Beach in Vieux Fort.  It was lovely until it started pouring.  We met some nice people and overall had a good time.

IMG-20131201-00290 IMG_20140107_0023950

After the beach we stopped by a fundraiser and enjoyed some fresh coconut water!

Day 3 Monday

We are going to Pigeon Island National Park.  We take our first bus into the city.  We have to run errands at the bank.  After a long wait it is done and we are on our way but it starts raining.  Heavy torrential rains.  That does not stop bus.  We board a bus to Rodney Bay.  We drop off flowers for our new friend and Rach’s fellow traveler. It’s still pouring.  We want to have Indian food for lunch but Razmataz is only open for dinner.  The Indian place at Baywalk mall is closed on Mondays.  I decide to do grocery store lunch.  We get wings and potoato wedges and tons of gluten free snacks.  We grab a taxi and head to the park.  We get there and someone forget her swimsuit.  Luckily there is a vendor outside the gate and she has a suit.  It is amazing.  We pretty much had the beach to ourselves.  And a front row seat to a wedding.  The food was quite satisfying.  We explore and hike up to the fort.

IMG_20140107_0023930 1475909_1439960869548886_1092734675_n IMG_20131224_00151759 IMG_20140107_002390

We took the opportunity to get some great yoga shots including tree under a tree.  On the way home we ran into a vendor selling coconut water.  We bought a few and filled up our water bottles.  At the bus stand we have a little adventure with my cousin and a bus driver.  A great day.

Day 4 Tuesday

We have decided to climb Gros Piton.  We leave before 7am because we have to take 2 3 buses.  You can read all about the climb here.  We learned about the beach at the foot of the Piton so we climb down 600 ft to the beach.  It was a really refreshing swim after being sweaty for 4 hours.  Then we realized that if you climb down to the beach you have to climb out.  We had to go a different way that the way we came.  It was quite interesting.  We went past baby sheep and goats.  Then 2 cows cam charging towards us.  They were pretty harmless in the end.  When we saw the road we were very excited, we were in someone’s back yard.  We became even more excited when we realized that there was bar attached to the house.  Rach had a Piton Beer and I had a Lucozade. IMG-20131203-00293IMG-20131203-00308 IMG_20131224_00151911 What an awesome wayIMG_20131224_00151945 to say goodbye to 30! One my way home I ran into a few people from my “old” life.  I was sweaty and my hair was mess.  But I felt good.  I was all like I climbed a mountain with my best friend today what did you do?  Not that smug and not those exact words.  At that point Rach decided it was the best trip and I decided it was the best birthday ever!

Day 5 Wednesday My Birthday!!!!

We decided this would be a beach free day.  I had cake for breakfast.  My cake was awesome.  It was flown in from Sticky Fingers Bakery in DC; a vegan bakery that also does gluten free.  I allowed myself the sugar because it was my birthday and I climbed a freaking mountain!  Rach and I were beginning to feel pretty sore from our exploits. I also had the opening for the studio that day.  Only one person showed up but I continue to believe that things will pick up; and it has, slowly.

IMG-20131203-00316 IMG-20131204-00320

Day 6 Thursday

Our most packed day.  We traveled north once more.  We began with a 9am yoga class at Sportivo.  Our new friend Mark was there.  We went to coffee with Mark but it turned into smoothies instead.  Then we headed up to Radio St Lucia for a quick interview.  We had one goal for the day: fruity drinks on the beach. We headed back to Spinnakers for lunch and drinks.  The drinks were below average and the lunch may be the worst lunch I ever had in restaurant.  On our way out I noticed a bunch of what looked like sailors at a table.  I went by to see if they were the winning crew from the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.  They were! We had drinks with them and laughed for about an hour.  These guys are ridiculous.  Then finally the beach!  As soon as we jumped into the water Mark walked out and he joined us.  We stayed in the water until sunset.

IMG_20131224_00152152 IMG-20131205-00332 IMG-20131205-00333

Then drinks at the Royal.  Real drinks that tasted good. This was followed by dinner at Razmataz.  Such a classy place.  We spent the night at my cousins.  Rach could finally meet her fellow red head Jaeda.

Day 7 Friday

We began the day at Vigie Beach.  It was quite magical.  We saw the end of a rainbow.  I also noticed that day that I had developed a hot yoga body.


We headed home early because I had to get ready for my birthday dinner.  We stopped by my mom’s workplace and a few other places in Mon Repos.  When we got home we crashed, serious nap time.  Then I began to get stuff ready for my birthday dinner. The birthday dinner was awesome.  Just the low key affair that I wanted.

Day 8 Saturday

Rach’s last day.  Cake for breakfast and a lovely lunch. We said our goodbyes.


IMG_20140107_00231111 IMG_20131224_00152029

So there you have it. 1 week, 2 friends, 5 beaches, 1 fort, 1 mountain, 1 yoga studio opening, 8 drunk sailors, 1 shipping agent, 1 chocolate cake, 1 grocery store lunch, bad chilli fish salad, awesome Indian food, coconut flat bread, coconut water, many miles of walking, many pounds of sweat and awesome adventures! Best Birthday ever!!!

Do you have any memorable birthdays?

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  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like an amazing week – and I agree, you totally get to celebrate it again!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time. Happy Birthday!! What part of the island is your yoga studio located?

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