Never Give Up: Welcome to a new home

Yoga Sutras Book 3 sutra 56 says:

Sattva-purusayoh suddhi-samye Kaivalyam.  When the tranquil mind attains purity to the self there is Absoluteness [Freedom/Joy/Peace]

Sri Swami Satchidananda, in his commentary on the Yoga Sutras, says that we are here to find our own true self.  “We should never loose sight of this and simply settle for little things.  Never.” He explains that as you progress toward your goal you will be tempted to settle for attractive alternatives and lose sight of your goal.  I think that this can be applied to any goal that you are trying to accomplish as it is easy to get distracted or discouraged and forget your ultimate goal.

He shares a lovely story to illustrate his point:

“It’s like a king in is sitting there ready to give you everything.  He has invited you to come to his party and be his friend and you are going toward that party.  On the way you see all kinds of variety shows, magician’s tricks, some music being played.  But you should know that they are all on their way to the party to play according to the king’s orders.  When you get there’ all of them will also be there, and you can see them while you sit by the side of the king.  But when you forget that, you stand on the pavement and see only them and miss the king.”

What a powerful story!  If that was not enough to convince you he continues:

“Never, never settle for these little things.  Our goal is something very high.  It is eternal peace, eternal joy.”

Over the last couple of months I have struggled with the identity of this blog.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted it to be a lifestyle blog.  I knew I wanted yoga, recipes, running, reflections on life, restaurant review, book reviews, pretty pictures and all the wonderful craziness that is life on here.  It’s just that the name Sayana Lifestyl wasn’t cutting it (it was always meant to be temporary anyway).  Therefore welcome to Live Life Fully!  When you go to you will be redirected to  Some of you may need to make changes in your blog readers.

I hope you will continue to join me as we explore a full, healthy, active lifestyle on our path to the very high goal of eternal peace and joy.

This post was inspired by the very special dreamer Laura at The Gluten Free Treadmill.

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  1. Congrats on your new look and name – I love it! And also for the dedication – it’s people like you that make blogging worth it for me!

  2. You are most welcomed. Also a few of your comments have been sent to my spam folder. I don’t know how to fix that.

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