My Restorative Bedtime Routine

This post has been sitting here for over a month while I waited to take pics.  I finally got pics done this weekend, thanks to  J mommy.  I will this post a sticky so you won’t have to search for it.

My hips were tight, I felt sluggish and tired.  I decided to give myself a restorative yoga class.  I have never taken or taught a full restorative class.  I decided to trust my training and go for it.  I took the comforter off the bed grabbed my firm blankets, towels and pillows, turned on some relaxing music and listened to my body.  Here’s the lovely sequence I came up with.  My hips felt so much better afterward.

Supported  reclined bound angle pose [5 mins ]

IMG-20140201-00931_1391522424627_n IMG-20140201-00933_1391522490137_n
Supported reclined hero pose [5 mins]

Supported head to  knee pose [3mins each side]


Top: Option 2; Bottom: Option 2 for tight back and hamstrings

Supported Pigeon [3 mins each side]

Wide legged legs up the wall [6 mins]

Supported savasana [7 mins]


How do you relax before bed?

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