My Quarantine Schedule

A daily schedule in isolation

I love having a schedule. I have been trying to find a new schedule ever since I stopped “going to work” every day at the resort. A lot of things stood in the way. Mostly my need to rest in order to recover from a difficult wisdom tooth extraction and also my need to recover from the emotional trauma of the capitalist colonial patriarchal systems that lead to my abuse at the resort. Now that everyone is at home and I have finally recovered sufficiently from the wisdom tooth extraction I have slipped into a schedule.

Sometime around 6 I wake up. Then I check my emails and online course. Once that is done I start writing. I am really excited to have found a time slot to dedicate to writing. I hope to write everyday. Around 9 I have breakfast and take my medications and supplements. I try not to eat anything before 9 unless I am feeling really sick. This is part of my weight loss plan.

After breakfast I stat preparing lunch if I need to but most often during the week I reheat something. Before we went into quarantine I was consistently having protein shakes or salads for lunch but those aren’t as easy to come by. Once I get lunch taken care of I start working on my main task of the day.

For the next few weeks it will be trying to get my accounts up to date. After the asthma diagnosis I was feeling overwhelmed. I decided to focus on staying alive over everything else. I have been slowly catching up but my bookkeeping is only up to mid 2017. I have my task cut out for me.

Daily schedule in isolation

I pause for lunch and any online training or meetings I need to do. I also film and edit videos for YouTube and check social media a few times. I also tutor my cousin remotely Monday to Friday from 10 to 12. We are still adjusting to it but so far it is going well. On Monday mornings I go live on social media for a 30 minute class.

In the evenings when the sun isn’t as hot I like to go for a walk. I don’t do this as often as I should but hopefully I can do it more often. From 6 pm I try to watch some news and shows online. I often find myself checking messages and social media during this time. I also grade assignments from my online course.

I try to go to bed by 9pm to wake up and do it all the next day. Sometimes I do a little yoga before bed. For now this schedule is working without feeling overwhelming. I would like to workout more and do some more planning ahead but I want to be careful not to burn out. This is working. I am being productive and honoring my body at the same time.

How are you coping? What does your schedule look like?

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