My DC Photoshoot

Most of the photos on this blog are from my trusty phone.  Some of my photos are special because they were taken by my friend, photographer Uliana Bazar. 

yoga -12

I met Uliana when I gave a free yoga class in Lincoln Park.  I put up flyers and she showed up.  She was so grateful for my free class that she offered to take my picture.  After several discussions we decided on sunrise at the National Mall.  You can read all about the photo shoot on her blog Chasing the Silver RabbitIf you live in the DC area and are in need of a photographer consider  using Uliana or one of the lovely ladies from Silver Rabbit Media.

I feel really blessed to have met Uliana.  Her beautiful pictures made setting up my yoga business even easier.  I’m getting a lot of mileage from these lovely shots.  You can see more of Uliana’s impressive work on her website

Have you ever had a photo shoot?

Have you made any unexpected/ pleasant connections recently?

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