Live Your Best Life in 2019

Are you ready to live your best life in 2019? What are you waiting for? Whatever your goals are for this year I am here to help.  It’s not too late to get started on your dreams. 

I want to help you live your best life this year.  I want to be there for you like you have supported me during this last year. I want to make this blog into something that you can rely on to help you live your best life in 2019.  I will be making some changes and unrolling some new programs to help you reach your goals.

Let’s start with my upcoming programs.

Next month I will launch #mogamondays a mindfulness link up party.  You will be able to share links to posts about mindfulness to help inspire us on our journey.  You can also share on social media using the hashtag #mogamondays. Every month I will choose a few posts to feature and share with the community.

I will also be hosting a live Q&A on Instagram and Facebook every Friday.  This program is called Ask a yoga instructor. It will answer your burning yoga questions.  You can submit your questions on any of my social media accounts.

Secondly, I will begin to host a mindfulness linky party every first Monday of the month.  You will be able to share your mindfulness related blog  or social media posts.  Use the hastag #mogamondays so I can see your posts.

In the coming months you can look out for my St Lucia Yoga Calendar and 2 online training courses. I will also be unveiling a few new services.  These include Skype Yoga sessions,  meal planning and lifestyle coaching.  Make sure your are subscribed to stay up to date with my new offerings.  Together we will live our best life in 219

Which of my new offerings are you most excited about?

What do you need to live your best life in 2019?