Intetntion Setting: New Moon

It’s the first new moon of the year!!!! I am really excited about this.  Every new moon I like to reflect and set intentions.  I like to look back on how my intentions are coming along, how I am supporting these intentions and either recommit to my intentions or set new ones.  If like me you have a strong connection to nature you may feel some of the effects of this new moon.

Mystic Mamma says:

January 20th we welcome the first *NEW MOON* of 2015 in Aquarius!  The collective energy it brings is one that calls for a visionary outlook, courage in the face of the unknown and a willingness to persevere as we step boldly and consciously into the new.

You can read the full report here.

I’ve found that a lot of the intentions that I set at the winter solstice and new year are coming to bear.  I am so grateful for the connections that I’ve made that allow me to grow my business.  I am recommitting to my dreams of Europe, a car and yoga.

2015 Vision BoardTo help you set your intentions I have included my intention setting video.  It also helps me decide what I really want.  What your heart keeps coming back to is that thing you really want.  If you have any questions or would like to have a Skype session for some guided intention setting let me know.

How do you set intentions/ goals?

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