Indian Day

On August 10th, 2014 some of the children from my kids yoga program and I participated in the Indian Heritage Festival. I started by speaking a little about yoga and how it’s accessible to everyone. Then the kids joined me on stage and went through their routine . I was so proud of them. During their routine it started pouring. They were trapped on stage while I continued my little pep talk (You can do yoga, anyone can do yoga).  Unfortunately I had promised that kids the kids could go in the bouncy castle after the presentation but the bouncy castle was wet.  Since they could not go on the bouncy castle they were hungry but they didn’t want any Indian food. We decided to take them home early instead of trying to make them sit through the rest of the presentations.

On the way home they agreed “this was fun. Where are we going to next time?”  If you have an event my little troupe will perform provided you have a bouncy castle and pizza.

Would you like to hire us?