I FINALLY finished my yoga book after 3.5 years!!

5 Minutes of Peace Yoga for Today's Woman

Today I am happy to announce that 5 Minutes of Peace: Yoga for Today’s woman will be available on Friday October 1st!!!!! I first mentioned my book on here as part of the Fit and Healthy giveaway in 2018. In Jan 2019 I unveiled the book with a fundraiser. I will share more about the process in a later post. This post is all about when and where you can get the book.

book price list

5 Minutes of Peace is a book of 5 minute yoga practices for today’s woman. The woman who makes things happen. The woman who adapts to the situation. The woman who is running a business and trying to have a life. The one running a household and trying to have a life. The one going to school, while working and raising her children. The woman who is ready to live on her terms. The woman who knows what kind of life she wants and makes it happen.  

These short practices that can be done throughout the day or put together to form longer practices to support today’s woman. Each of the ten practices is crafted with love to meet a specific goal such as energizing morning routine, relaxing morning routine, and post workout routine. There are also 2 bonus routines for mommies: a prenatal routine and a postnatal routine. Follow along to these yoga routines to find 5 minutes of peace on your journey to live your best life.

the book is available in 3 formats on two platforms. A companion wall poster is also available as an easy to use guide for the quick and easy routines.  You can choose from the 24”X36” wall poster or a printable poster.

You can get the ebook ($9.99), 6”X9” paperback with black and white images ($15.99) or 8.25”X11” Hardcover with full color images ($28.99)

All three formats are available to purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GG931NY 

For those who prefer not to patronize Amazon, the ebook is also available from my teespring merch shop. https://yoga-with-mo.creator-spring.com/listing/5-minutes-o-peace-ebook?product=1227

You can also get the posters from my merch shop.
The 24”X36” Wall Poster is $19.99 plus shipping https://yoga-with-mo.creator-spring.com/listing/yoga-wall-poster?product=624

The Printable Wall Poster is $7.99 and immediately available to download. https://yoga-with-mo.creator-spring.com/listing/printable-yoga-wall-poster?product=1448

All prices in US dollars

I am really excited to hear what you think of the book. I hope you will like it but most importantly that you will find it useful.

To celebrate I am currently offering FREE shipping on all items in my merch store. Use code 5MINS to get your free shipping until tomorrow Oct 2.

Thanks so much for your patience and support through the years.

Which version of the book are you most excited about?

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