Heartsong: A book of poetry from my heart to yours

Heartsong Poetry

When you learn to listen to your heart you restore connection and balance. This brings your body, mind and soul into fullness. It makes you whole. You learn that there is a song that always plays there. You learn to listen to that song.

Listening to my heart is one of the ways I practice mindfulness and connect to my true self. If the concept is new to you or something you would like to practice; I have included two videos that show this practice. The first is a 5 minute heart meditation to connect to your heart. The second is a 5 minute intention to help you listen to your heart.

These videos are from 5 years ago when I was a young yoga teacher. When I listened to my heart I would be inspired to write poetry. I shared some of these poems on my blog but many of them I haven’t shared before. I put all that poetry together into a book exploring issues of life, love and loss and called it Heartsong – Poetry from the heart.

Heartsong is my first collection of poetry and my second book. I wrote these poems when I started teaching to express how I felt about what I was going through.  The first section, light, explores my need to find and spread light in this world.  The second section, love, explores the ways we receive and give love.  The final section, life, explores the meaning of life and the lessons we learn as we go through life.  

Heartsong book formats

At the end I share a special treat.  A deeply personal poem about the most difficult time in my life.

My book is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. The paperback is $5.99 and and the Kindle ebook is $2.99. You can click the product button below to purchase.


That’s right there’s more! For the next 3 days the Kindle book will be be available for the low introductory price of 99 cents! That’s right from May 6-9 the kindle format of Heartsong is available for only $0.99 After that it goes up to it’s regular price of $2.99.

To celebrate the launch I will be throwing a virtual party live on YouTube. Click the video below or come over to my YouTube channel on Wednesday May 6th at 1:15 pm.

Grab some drinks and snacks and let’s celebrate!

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