Health Tip: Juice prep and website updates

It’s been over a month since I promised updates. To make up for this here’s a video blog entry. This video is all about how I use food prep to make sure I have my daily juice.  This week I had carrot, apple, pineapple and ginger before breakfast.  At the same time I also juiced beet, cucumber, and purple cabbage. I squeezed a lemon in there and placed it in a glass bottle to have as a mid morning snack.

And now for  the updates!

The first is online scheduling and class pass purchase.  I am using Acuity scheduling to do this.  I love it because you can do it all without leaving my website. Go to and scroll down.  Choose the class you would like to schedule or the gift certificate or class pass you would like to purchase.  If you purchase a gift certificate/class pass it will ask for you information and take you to PayPal checkout.  If you sign up for a class or private session it will take you to a registration form and you will have the option to pay using PayPal or pay later  using cash.

The other update is I HAVE A WEB STORE!!! I am excited to sell my shirts, eye-pillows  and audio recordings online.  My video can still be purchased using Sellfy from the video store. I am working on integrating the two stores but it will take a while.  My next big project is to create a members only area of my website where fora low monthly fee you will have access to one new yoga video a week and other curated content.  Explore the new updates and let me know what you think.

Is there anything you would like me to add to the website?

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