Cucumber Kale Smoothie 2

The recent increase in my allergies led me back to my green smoothies. I started with this lovely energizing cucumber beet smoothie.

Cucumber beet smoothie   

Cucumber Kale Smoothie3

½ of a cucumber
¼ of a beet
1 pear
1 inch piece of fresh turmeric
1 leaf of kale (can substitute any green leaf such as spinach or lettuce)

8 oz apple juice
8 oz water

Place in a blender and blend until smooth.

I like to put mine through a fine strainer but if you don’t mind the feel of bits and pieces or have a very powerful blender then skip this step.
I recently purchased a nice hand held blender while spending a few days with my cousin and her two small children. She already had all the ingredients for my smoothie except the turmeric. Eager to try out my new blender I made a smoothie (sans turmeric) as soon as we got to her house from the shopping trip. Both children had horrible colds with runny noses and rattling coughs. We gave each a few ounces of the smoothie. The following day we noticed the 4 year old had increased appetite and both children seemed to be doing better. I added watermelon and we kept serving the smoothie to him and his sister during my stay there. His increase in appetite continued to amaze us. I also noticed an increase in my energy and a decrease in the puffiness that plagued me for months. I hope you enjoy this great tasting smoothie as much as my family and I have. Feel free to make your own modifications and add your favorite fruits and veggies.

Cucumber Kale Smoothie 4

Health Nugget
Beet and cucumber cleanses and detoxifies while booting immunity.
Kale contains lots of vitamin C and minerals that boost the immune system.
The fiber found in pears help absorb toxins as they are released into the colon helping the body eliminate waste.

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