Detox Water 2

I slept like a baby after the salt scrub. I woke up at 5:30am feeling refreshed and fully acknowledging my colon working at optimal performance. This is how my measure my health: waking up naturally at 5:30am, going to the bathroom regularly and feeling hungry every 4 hours. That’s how I know my body is working perfectly. Even my friends are shocked if I sleep in or am not hungry.

My mom made a lovely breakfast of oatmeal with coconut milk and flakes. I could definitely feel the side effects of detoxing. For those of you who may not know there are definite side effects to detoxing. This happens because the toxins are released into the blood stream from your organs you can feel the effects. This is the main reason I prefer gentle detoxing supported by healthy nutrition. I was feeling sluggish and my joints hurt.

I decided another day of detox water was in effect. This time I added chopped carrots and crushed mint to the water. I enjoyed this water more than the ginger. I could drink it plain. After a nap I felt more energized and very hungry! I had some frozen leftover pumpkin soup.

Sunday I just tried drinking lots of water and practicing deep twisting poses in yoga. Today I have to travel across the island. I feel exhausted and I’m PMSy. I need to find something healthy and packed with protein to enjoy.

IMG-20140104-00672.jpg IMG-20140104-00673.jpg

How’s your detox going?

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  1. First, did you reset the design of your blog? I love it! Great colors.

    My detox is going well. Meal planning is helping me to stay on track, and now I’m dealing with the mental and emotional cleansing which I think is just as important!

    1. Yes I did. I wanted something that reflected the personality of the blog.

      Emotional cleansing I need to do that.

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