December Sunrise: Virtual Vegan Potluck

December to me means citrus!  In the and of forever summer December means fresh squeezed orange juice and eating lots of grapefruits.  I was very excited to see that citrus was the featured ingredient in this Virtual Vegan Potluck.  So I decided to spice up my orange juice and make a beverage.


Welcome to Virtual Vegan Potluck Citrus Edition.  Welcome to Live Life Fully! where I share healthy living tips, yoga and recipes in the hopes of inspiring you to live a full and happy life.  I hope you have enjoyed the recipes so far and will continue to peruse the remaining courses.  If you would like to start from the beginning click here.

December Sunrise
Today I am bringing a little drink I like to call December Sunrise to the potluck.  I had the idea to make my orange juice pink and minty.  So I added blueberries and mint and ended up with a tart and refreshing drink.  If you would like you can add water and the sweetener of your choice.

mint leavesIngredients

2 handful of mint leaves
1/4 cup blue berries
2 cups orange juice
2 cups ice
Sweetener (optional) (stevia agave etc)



1. Crush mint leaves and blueberries
2.  Add orange juice
3. Add ice
4. Stir
5. Add sweetener to desired sweetness.
6. Serve and enjoy

December Sunrise2 December Sunrise1

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Confession:  I added white wine to my cocktail and called it sangria.

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