Christmas Storm

So I’ve never really been into Christmas. New Years is big at my house. This year was especially bad though. 

December 23rd

I almost suffered death by ham.  I was minding my business making flat bread when my mom places a ham in the sink. My mom doesn’t eat ham she was preparing it for my aunt. I immediately start feeling light headed. She takes it outside. I can’t feel my face. I struggle to eat breakfast ( lentil soup and flat bread). I can’t hold my head up. I don’t have liquid benadryl and I don’t remember where the capsules are. I decide to sit in the shower and rinse off. My nose is stuffy and running. I am puking. 30 minutes in the shower and I feel better. My eyes can open and I can breathe a little. I find 1 benadryl and lay down. I feel super weak. My chest and back hurts. I cancel my tutoring session and sleep.

December 24th 

At 7am I am getting ready to go to tutoring. Dark clouds gather and it begins to rain. Pretty soon it is pouring and there’s thunder and lightning. I think no one is coming to tutoring and I go back to bed. I still feel weak. My chest and back still hurt. It rains off and on. There’s no water in the tap. My brother goes to work his overnight shift. It’s dark at 4pm, my first wth moment. It really begin to come down around 5pm. It feels like it’s late at night. The lightning and thunder are coming without breaks.  I call my brother he is okay. The lights go out. My mom decides to sleep in my room. The phones don’t work. Wind howling, rain pouring, incessant thunder and lightning. No light water or phone. I go to bed. I pray for my brother and hope no one is driving in this weather. 


It’s still cloudy and drizzling but it seems the worst is over. We are still without water, electricity etc. Then we begin to find out how bad things really are. Roads are out. People are stranded and can’t make it home. People were trapped in the floods. People have died. My heart breaks. I know him. I am just so sad. I still can’t call my brother. I get a friend to go pick up my brother. He is fine. I go home. I feel sick to my stomach. It’s so sad. 

This is why I haven’t posted. We still don’t have running water or Internet. I am piggybacking off my phone. I have all this stuff I planned on doing but now I can’t. For the most part life is back to normal. 

Looking on the tragedy people find all sorts of meaning. My wish is that we allow persons to greive and that we remember to be kind to others. Several avenues for donations have been arranged. If you would like more information about this let me know.

The Christmas Storm affected the islands of St Lucia, St Vincent, and Dominica. Many lives were lost and property damaged.  I wish my caribbean people peace and love in these trying times.

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*200hr certified yoga teacher *owns and operates Sayana Yoga in St Lucia. *2015 St Lucia Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award


  1. Oh my goodness – what a disaster! I’m so glad you are okay; I was wondering if everything was okay since you hadn’t been on in a while, but just assumed the holidays caughts up with you. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts.

    1. The internet is back! Yay!!! Thanks for the well wishes.

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