Child’s Pose is something to climb on

This is what happens when I walk thought the door at my cousins house.  The 3yo notices that I have the yoga mats and begins to scream.  “Aunty Monetta you have the mats! My pink yoga mat! We will do yoga! We will do yoga! Let me open the mats for you! Let’s do yoga!” This is all said in the same breath.  No matter how tired I am its time for kids yoga lesson, lots of questions and lots of new interpretations.

IMG_00000128They call this the bird and insist on doing it every time.   My nephew wraps a towel around his neck like a cape and calls it flying.


My niece gives that best bow adjustments. She is so strong.


Somehow child’s pose translate to let’s pile on Aunty Monetta.  Of course their mom takes lots of pics because who wouldn’t.  Sometimes we follow this with a dance party.

Do you have any special kids in your life?

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