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Yoga for Children

Pay what you can online training and FREE life coaching

In my last post I told you about my new book and what I’m doing in this difficult time. Today I wanted to tell you about what I am doing to help you cope.

The first thing is my yoga in the classroom course. This course is normally $150USD but I am offering it as a pay what you can course. Yes that’s right if you only have $10 you can pay that and get the entire course.

Multicultural Book Day 2020 is coming soon

Multicultural children’s book day is coming soon. Last year I was lucky to participate by reviewing some books. You can read my post from last year here. On January 31, blogs will be highlighting and reviewing multicultural books from around the world. This event is hosted by All year round they share tips for …

Daily Yoga

How to build a daily yoga practice

Building a daily yoga practice can be intimidating.  Where do you start? How long do you practice? Why should you practice yoga daily?  These questions and many more may plague your mind as you contemplate starting a daily yoga practice. I will try to answer a few of these questions as I share my 5 …

Mindful Moga Mondays

Mindful Moga Mondays #1

Mindfulness is one of those words that you hear everywhere nowadays.  What is mindfulness and why should you practice it? Mindfulness can be described as engaging in activity designed to help you attain calmness and peace. These can include yoga, tai chi and meditation.  Mindfulness requires you to slow down and focus on the present.  …

Fit and Healthy Giveaway

From January 14th to the 27th I will be participating in the Fit and Healthy Giveaway.  I will be giving a lovely yoga bundle valued at $200 too everyone who enters.  It is an excellent opportunity to get lots of freebies from fitness gurus to help you live your best life.  Follow the link at …

Virtual Book Tour December 12-22

Virtual Book Tour

I would love to go on a book tour across the world meeting children everywhere and signing books.  Alas this is not possible so instead we will have a virtual book tour. Here’s how it will work: From December 12th to the 22nd we will explore the internet making new friends and sharing the joy …