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August 13 11am EST Online Yoga

Online Chair Yoga and Couples Yoga Special

I am excited to tell you about my upcoming online chair yoga class and my big summer special on couples yoga but first let’s catch up. In my last post I said announcements are coming soon and today I will share some of them. The past few months have been really tough. I’ve had a …

Let Celebrate: Virtual Book Launch Party

This Friday I will host a virtual book launch live on my YouTube channel and I would love you to join me. During the launch party I will share my experience writing the book. You will get to meet the artist who designed the cover and the photographer. There will be giveaways and discounts to buy the book at a reduced price.

The truth about endo

If you have been around for a while you know that I have endometriosis. I have suffered for endometriosis for most of my life. Recently I made a video about it on my YouTube channel. The video was a collaboration with Audra at Home.  I recently found her channel because two YouTubers I follow, Ti …